Whiplash Injury Symptoms And Treatment

Whiplash injury is the injury to the upper spine region caused by a vibrant jerk of the head either in forward direction or backward direction. It is the sudden attack to the neck; most of the whiplash injuries are experienced during a collision of vehicle with other vehicle or hard object. A sudden shake of head leads a powerful shove to the neck and caused sprain in local site. Whiplash injury is also known as neck sprain or neck strain. It is caused by sudden flexion as well as extension. Whiplash injury occurred when the lower cervical vertebrae s forced to extreme extended position and the upper cervical vertebrae are forced to move with a jerk in hyper extended flexion. Automobile accidents are the main cause of whiplash injury. An accident causes injury in indivertible column, joints and disc, cervical muscles and nerve roots.

Whiplash injury

Symptoms of whiplash injury:

  • During the accident or any jerky movement the real cause is not determined but after some time its after-effects are experienced as neck pain, which is a main symptom of whiplash injury.
  • A sort of stiffness in neck is also realised, neck becomes stiff and hardly able to move around and inside wise direction.
  • Headache and dizziness are other prominent symptoms of the whiplash injury; site of injury is head and neck so pain and other tantrums caused are mainly experienced in these two organs.
  • Some people experienced burning and prickling feeling during whiplash.
  • As the main control panel of whole body is brain and spine region so the injury mainly affects these two sites.
  • Shoulder and back pain is also prominent.
  • There are some cases of memory loss during whiplash injury; person becomes unable to remind past experiences.
  • During whiplash injury persons find it difficult to concentrate in any matter.
  • There is nervousness, sleep disorders and irritability in behaviour of patient.
  • Patient under goes fatigue and depress state of mind.

These are the main symptoms of the whiplash injury. A shoving movement with a jerk ruined the whole body to much extent and it usually happens in accidents.

Treatment of whiplash injury: individual suffering from whiplash injury is in trauma in having injury and pain in most vital organs of the body. A sudden treatment is given to the patient that includes the medications. Medication generally includes non steroids drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. As the patient under goes a mental set back due to which he/she possesses a depress state of mind, so antidepressant drugs are also prescribed to the patient. A person should take muscle relaxant after the prescription of the physician. Patient has to wear cervical collar for few weeks in order to relax neck muscle. There are various exercises and physical therapy is done to the patient. Along with theses remedial treatments heating should be applied to the area of injury. These are some points which should be taken in to consideration after the whiplash injury, as these remedies can be done at home easily. Many people recover soon from this kind of injury but depend upon the impact of the jerks in whiplash injury it can take time to cure. To avoid these types of injuries during car accidents we are provided with seat belts. As a safety measure one should wear it all the time during driving. No matter you are driving the vehicle with care and safety you will not be aware of the driving skill of other driver coming in front of you. So safe driving is viable driving.

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