What Causes Dampness In The Existing Basement Of Any Property?

Basements are an important part of any property. In fact, these are being used as the most useful living spaces nowadays. Also basements can serve the purpose of storage of unused or infrequently used things, items or equipments for any property owners. Since basements remain hidden for most of the time therefore these are sometimes ignored and neglected.  That is why most of the home owners find their basements struggling with the problem of dampness.

Excess of moisture content in basements may result in damage to its base and other structures. Also the things stored in the basements may start getting damaged due to exposure to moisture content. In order to get rid of dampness from the basements and other parts of any property, you may take help from Damp treatments London or such other professionals. For this, you first need to know the various sources and causes of dampness in your basement. The most common causes for this problem are as mentioned below.

Lack of adequate grading

It is perhaps one of the most important basis for moisture content or dampness in the basement. This problem is found in such properties where the ground present around the base of the property is at some height or slopes towards the house property. Due to this, the water flow is in the direction of the basement. This in turn results in the problem of dampness in the walls of the basement. The problem becomes worse in case there are some crouches or cavities as water becomes stagnant there in.

Defects or problems with the gutters or absence of the gutters

In some cases, it is noticed that the problem of dampness is caused in the basement due to defects or problems in the gutters or when there are no gutters for disposal of rainwater. When there is no source of drainage or rainwater or if it is defective and doesn’t work properly then rainwater is bound to go towards the basement walls. As a result, dampness is caused automatically.

Inappropriate design of the window wells

Window wells are such structures that act as drainage for the basement walls. These window wells are built in such a way that water is made to go away from the basement wells. However when the design as well as built up of the window wells is not according to requirements of the basement then the water starts getting towards the walls of the foundation of the house. Consequently, problem of basement dampness arises.

Any types of cracks in the structure of the foundation of the property

Presence of cracks in the concrete block foundations due to any reasons also leads to the problem of dampness in the basement of any property. Water keeps on seeping through such cracks and ultimately reaches the basement walls or other structures present there in.

These are some of the major and most common causes of dampness in the existing basement of any property. You may get rid of this problem by taking help from professionals such as Damp Treatments London. They help in attacking at the root cause of the problem and eradicate the same totally.

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