The Best Practises In Arboriculture By Expert Operatives

Felling And Pruning

Trees and plants are the natural predecessors to animal life on this planet. They grow wherever there are rainfall and fertile soil. They continue to flourish despite human habitats and rampant civilisation. Arboriculture deals exclusively with growth and study of these vital natural resources. Their removal is also performed by well-trained tree surgeons Ruislip specialists can handle a variety of large or small trees along with shrubs and vines. They study and implement the best practices to ensure safe surgeries.

The following surgical procedures are performed by the experts using modern implements –


  • Removing the entire tree from its roots is an essential arboreal service.
  • They are felled because of disease, structural damage, death, and outgrowth.
  • The removal process can be direct through surrounding clearance and straight felling.
  • They can also be dismantled in a sectional manner to protect the adjacent features.
  • The trained surgeons study the soil characteristics and tree’s shape, size, and type.
  • They can feel any type or size of the tree that is located even in nooks and corners.


  • The wooded plants that become too large have to be reduced or pruned.
  • The crown removal involves cutting off the canopy(visible sections from above).
  • Crown lifting involves selective removal of lower and outstretched branches.
  • Lifting is taken up to allow more light and air to reach the underneath surface.
  • Branches are also selectively cut off if they obstruct any construction activity.
  • Deadwood removals are undertaken to protect the adjacent property and people.
  • Plants and immature trees also need surgical pruning for good structure and shape.
  • Larger trees can be made less dense without altering the size by crown thinning.

Planting And Pollarding

The local arboreal experts deliver responsible and socially conscious services. They do not fell trees without a good reason or prune them carelessly. The suitable solution is selected after on-site inspection by the tree surgeons Ruislip arborists encourage eco-friendly tasks such as planting and managing their natural growth. Large trees, unfortunately, are a safety hazard, particularly for school children. Their pruning and pollarding become necessary in schools, parks, gardens, playgrounds, and homes.

  • Pollarding is a specialised pruning technique that enhances a tree’s quality and appearance-
  • A framework of bare scaffold branches is created in this less utilised method.
  • Each and every branch has a gnarly and clearly visible knob at the end.
  • A large number of straight and long sprouts emerge from these knobs.
  • Leaves appear during spring and over time grow into a dense and shady canopy.
  • Pollarding was a useful method for collecting firewood in ancient times.
  • Modern techniques focus more on the management of growth and designer landscapes.
  • A sequence of pollard trees enriches and beautify public parks and promenades.

Homes, offices, and public places require the valuable services of tree surgeons Ruislip residents can live in peace as these experts fell, resize, and reshape the trees. They use modern tools for removals, pruning, and pollarding. Their services are indispensable for landscaping and construction works. Eco-friendly arboreal management is necessary for protecting people and beautifying private or public properties.

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