Nightclub Bottle Service Tips

Offering bottle service to your customers has become an increasingly popular way to maximize the revenue intake at bars and nightclubs. Not only do venues offering bottle service bring in more profits statistically per guest, but they also bring in more overall customers because of the great experience they offer compared to the competition. Once you’ve decided that offering bottle service to your customers is a great idea to expand your bar or nightclub’s menu, there are some key things to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Luckily, since the concept of offering bottle service isn’t really new at all, there are many tried and true tips to help you hit the ground running right out of the gate.


Offer Variety

When bottle service first hit the market, most clubs only offered a narrow selection of choices to their patrons. In fact, most clubs almost exclusively offered champagne instead of integrating other types of liquor into the menu. Since then, the new standard has become a huge selection of brands ranging from modest priced bottles all the way up to the most premium brands available. By offering a wide selection of different champagnes and liquor and liquors coupled with a great variety of mixers, you can make bottle service attractive to your customers regardless of how much money they’re looking to spend.

Make it Special

Though your customers are interested in buying a bottle because it is more cost effective and easier than running up to the bar every time they need a drink, you are also selling an experience. There’s nothing glamourous about simply handing your customers a bottle, so spicing up the delivery is a great way to make it stand out in the club. Fortunately, many companies offer sparklers for nightclubs that attach to the bottles and create a very cool effect. If you aren’t allowed to use bottle sparklers indoors in your area, there are alternatives such as LED lights that clip to the bottle that don’t produce and sparks at all. Not only will your guests who order bottle service appreciate the extra touch you provide, but other patrons in the club will notice the bottle being delivered and want to order it for themselves.

Price Competitively

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you’re not charging way too much for your bottle service. Though most customers will expect it to be expensive, it should always be cheaper than buying the same amount of drinks one at a time from the bar or there isn’t really any value in buying the entire bottle. Additionally, you’ll want to do some price shopping against your competition to ensure you are prices competitively with them. Most customers will go to where the bottle service prices are the cheapest unless you offer an atmosphere at your bar or nightclub that greatly surpasses their expectations. By keeping your prices in line and offering a great experience, you can capitalize on the extra income that offering bottle service can draw in.

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