Neck Lift – How To Tell If You Are An Ideal Candidate For A Neck Lift

A neck lift is nothing but a surgical procedure that helps you get rid of the sagging skin in your jaw line and neck caused by aging and weight loss. If the neck area does not sync with the facial part then there is no need for a complete face lift. Undergoing a neck lift procedure can be more than sufficient many times. The procedure can help you get rid of the excess fat and skin in the lower facial area or under the chin. Apart from this it can also treat muscle banding in the neck that creates abnormal contours.

Generally the procedure is carried along with a face lift surgery but can also be done as a standalone procedure. Many plastic surgeons like Dr.Jones based in Utah have been successfully doing the procedure for the past 15 years. One can read about his success stories online by typing in face lift UtahOver the years he has worked together with many patients thereby boosting their confidence levels.

A neck lift surgery will possibly involve two types of surgeries one where the excess skin is removed and second to tighten the loose neck muscles. Depending upon the requirement one or both the procedures are performed. This is an outpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia. Small incisions are made behind the ears and sometimes under the chin. Through these the neck muscles are tightened and the skin removed for a firmer appearance. Type in face lift Utah and one can find the complete details about the neck lift procedure. Now how to determine if you are a perfect candidate to undergo a neck lift procedure? Below check list would help enlighten you about the same.

  • The first sign is the appearance of the dreaded double chin. This is generally fixed with liposuction. But if the skin on the neck has lost its elasticity then a neck lift is definitely recommended.
  • In many with passing age the jaw line starts to sag and you notice visible signs of aging. Such a scenario makes you an ideal candidate for a neck lift surgery.
  • Another possible sign that you need a neck lift is the appearance of Turkey Neck. There is gradual breakdown of collagen with age which weakens the underlying neck muscles there by resulting in a sagging skin.
  • If you see those unattractive vertical neck bands developing then it is about time to go in for a neck lift. This helps tighten the skin and give you a youthful feel.
  • Sometimes the muscle weakening results in fine lines and wrinkles. If the visible signs are sever then a neck lift surgery can fix them.

Once the surgery is done successfully the recovery time depends on the complexity of the surgery and the individual. But in general almost within two weeks time most of them have returned to their normal routine activities. With proper guidance and care all the visible signs will also be gone gradually leaving behind a more youthful appearance.

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