Natural Beauty Secret That Every Teen Should Know

The teen is a very important stage that determines the natural beauty of the rest of women’s life. Unfortunately, many teens don’t really care about their skin’s health and just do as they want. Acne, comedo and other skin problem are considered to be common problems. Actually, there are some beauty secrets that can help every teen to optimize their beauty and invest more of their adult time. We have read so many beauty tips and we compile it just for you in the list of natural beauty secret that every teen should know (or every adult should have known).

1. Wash your face with warm water in morning and night. Use a small amount of facial wash and wipe it with warm water. It is very useful to keep your skin healthy and well-moisturized. Washing your face with cold water will make your face crispy.
2. Avoid using foundation. No matter how you use it, the foundation makes your skin cannot breathe. When you can’t clean it properly, it can clog your skin’s pore. As the result, you might get pimple and other skin problem.
3. Skip doing pedicure and manicure. Use the pulp of lemon juice and rub it gently to your nails to make it clean and shining. Your healthy and natural nail is the most beautiful look you can possibly get. Even so, you can use nail polish occasionally by making sure that you will clean it properly and add moisturizer after using it.
4. If you get acne, go to the dermatologist! For some reasons, teens prefer using commercial product to get rid of acne. Actually, it is better to go to the dermatologist since they will give you something more accurate in medication. Even though you spend more money, you may get the best investment for your skin’s future.

Top Secret Natural Beauty Tips from Asian People:

Aside from those secrets of natural beauty, there are some other secrets you never think of, but surprisingly they are miraculous. I personally look these tips from a trusted source to get top secret of Asian natural beauty definition and tricks. What are they? Check this out!

1. To smooth your skin, soak your skin in warm water mixed with yeast. Do you know that yeast helps to retain water in your skin and smooth them? The secret comes from a traditional alcohol maker that has incredibly smooth skin since they rub their hands with the ingredients of alcoholic drink. Soak and rub your hand gently in the water and you shall get smooth and healthy skin.
2. To have natural strong beautiful hair, rub it twice a week with olive oil. Rub it gently for about 10 minutes and wash it with warm water. Rather than using conditioner, this tip is more effective to keep your beautiful hair in a good condition.
3. Scrub your body with homemade body scrub, at least twice a week. You can use avocado, coffee, and other natural ingredients to gain your healthy, clean and beautiful skin.

Well, those are some beauty secrets for teen. Even though teen is in the top condition, care and treatment are still needed to maintain the natural beauty and prolong the top condition.

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