Making Skiing Holidays More Affordable

Getting away on holiday is often a welcome break for consumers. Work and domestic responsibilities can be hard to bear and being able to enjoy a week or two away from the hassle and stress of everyday life is important. Also, breaks like this provide couples and families with a great chance to bond with each other.

The only trouble is, given the financial pressures facing many people at present, it can be tough for them to cover the cost of trips abroad. Some of those who are struggling to access the finance they need to head off on vacation are making the most of log book loans. For certain people, this source of credit can provide a welcome lifeline.

As well as being able to access logbook loans online, consumers may also benefit from taking advantage of the various money saving tips on offer. For example, writing in the Daily Telegraph recently, Nick Trend provided advice to those keen to head off on skiing breaks this winter.

The expert pointed out that for those heading abroad without children, it pays off to avoid the school holidays as prices tend to peak during these periods due to high demand.

Anyone keen to catch the opening of the skiing season may wish to note that some major tour operators are opening their European programme on December 7th. However, most resorts on the continent do not really start operating until the following week. Ahead of this, the big resorts in the Rockies usually open at the end of November, Mr Trend stated.

The writer suggested that for the very best deals, it can pay off to book last-minute. However, early in the season it is important to make sure that snowfall is looking good enough before committing.

If children break up from school early enough, the week before Christmas can be ideal. Mr Trend noted that this period is popular for university ski trips, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. While the resort centres may be noisy at night, the slopes tend to be very quiet in the morning as the revellers sleep in. Anyone looking for family breaks in high resorts over these dates should consider booking early, he recommended.

Consumers who are keen to save the pennies may want to avoid the February half term next year, which runs from the 15th of the month to the 23rd. Mr Trend noted that most British schools have their winter half-term holidays in the same week and schools in Paris are breaking up on the same date as their UK equivalents in 2014. On this topic, the expert said: “Combine this with the fact that many British families won’t want to ski at Easter because it falls so late in the year, and you have a perfect storm of demand in French ski resorts. This puts enormous pressure on accommodation, ski schools and the lift system, and it also means long traffic jams on the access roads and the highest prices of the season.”

By bearing advice like this in mind, and by taking advantage of logbook loans, consumers may find it easier to fund holidays abroad over coming months.

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