Mahabalipuram – Exploring The Sites In The Popular Tourist Town

The small tourist town in the state of Tamil Nadu is a source of major tourist attraction for the state. Set in close proximity with the city of Chennai this frequently visited vacationer’s paradise  is visited by people whole year round. This article talks about the places to see in the tourist town. 


Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram is a small town, tourist town rather, just near the city of Chennai. It lies just 50 kms from the city and it takes less than 2 hours of travel by a Chennai to Mahabalipuram taxi making it a perfect weekend getaway from the city. This tourist town is heavily visited by tourists and travellers aggressively whole throughout the year and over the years, with the rise of visits and lack of proper maintenance by the respective authorities and the tourism government, the place seem to have deteriorated to an extent and is not as charming and glamorous as it used to be anymore but will be springback to live once that is realised and looked up.

The Five Rathas

Crouched together at the southern end of Mamallapuram, the Five Rathas look like structures, yet they were, incredibly, all cut from single huge rocks. Each of these seventh century sanctuaries was committed to a Hindu god and is currently named after one or a greater amount of the Pandavas, the five legend siblings of the epic Mahabharata, or their normal wife, Draupadi. The rathas were covered up in the sand until unearthed by the British 200 years prior. 

Arjuna’s Penance

The delegated gem of Mamallapuram stonework, this goliath alleviation cutting is one of India’s most noteworthy old works of art. Engraved on two immense, nearby stones, the Penance overflows with scenes of Hindu myth and regular vignettes of South Indian life. In the inside nagas (snake-creatures), slide an ounce water-filled separated, speaking to the Ganges. To one side Arjuna (legend of the Mahabharata) performs self-humiliation (fasting on one leg), so that the four-equipped Shiva will allow him his most effective weapon, the god-killing Pasupata.

Shore Temple

Standing like a wonderful clench hand of rock-cut style neglecting the ocean, the two-towered Shore Temple symbolizes the statures of Pallava design and the sea desire of the Pallava lords. Its little size gives a false representation of its fabulous extent and the incomparable nature of the carvings, a significant number of which have been dissolved into dubiously Impressionist embellishments. Worked under Narasimhavarman II in the eighth century, it’s the most punctual noteworthy unattached stone sanctuary in Tamil Nadu.

Krishna’s Butterball

Krishna’s Butterball is a monster characteristic rock roosted on a slope, apparently in disobedience of all laws of material science. If posed properly and taken from a good angle, the picture will show like you are actually lifting the huge piece of rock with your single hand. The stone gives welcome shade on the off chance that you set out to sit underneath it, and neighborhood kids have found that the dangerous adjacent slope likewise makes an awesome normal slid.

Mahabalipuram is a frequent weekend getaway for people from Chennai. People visiting from other places too make their way to this tourist town from Chennai and make their way back again to the city by a Mahabalipuram to Chennai taxi and then catch their flight or train back to their hometown or next destination.

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