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Nowadays, Vietnam is considered as one of the best destinations for tourists from all around the world. There are so many visitors who are coming to Vietnam every day to enjoy their vacation. Why? The reason is because Vietnam has several amazing attractions which you have never seen before. Therefore, when you are about to spend your holiday, I recommend you to choose Viet Bamboo Travel as your guide to enjoy the scenery of Vietnam. As what I have experienced before, you can join Vietnam travel deals to get a great North Vietnam tour package by Viet Bamboo Travel. Viet Bamboo Travel really offers you some great packages to visit some nice Landmarks that deserve to be visited.

North Vietnam Tours

Amazing Destination

What will you get if you book tours from Viet Bamboo Travel to get your best North Vietnam tours package? The fact is that you can visit some of the destinations that we have prepared for you. Here, you will get the Amazing North Vietnam Tour for 8 Days in Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Sapa. If you want a short holiday, you can join their Ba Be National Park Tour for 2 or 3 Days to visit Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, and Ba Be National Park. There is also a very short package which you only spend your holiday for one day to visit Ba Vi National Park. This can be the cheapest tour package that you can book now. You can also book our Best of Northern Vietnam for 7 Days tour to visit Hanoi, Sapa, and Halong Bay. Another short holiday package is Cuc Phuong National Park and Mai Chau Tour for 3 Days to enjoy the oldest national park in Vietnam. You have to book North Vietnam tour package to visit Hanoi, Ba Be, Cao Bang, Ban Gioc, and Lang Son by joining our Cycle North East Vietnam tour for 5 Days. For further information, you can visit this North Vietnam Tours and see a lot of tour packages to Northern part of Vietnam.

Competitive Price

Talking about tour package, you must wonder how much you will spend if you book tours with Viet Bamboo Travel to get your best North Vietnam tour packages. Let me tell you that their tour package is not too expensive. The price depends on how long you will be staying in Vietnam. All of the details are included in each of their tour packages. So, you must not worry about the price. You can book their tours based on the day. You even can join their one-day tour package if you wish. However, most of the foreign tourists prefer a week holiday in North Vietnam for the best moment.

Viet Bamboo Travel

In conclusion, North Vietnam is really nice place to visit when you are about to spend your holiday this year. Therefore, we really recommend you to use Viet Bamboo Travel to get your North Vietnam Tours package. By joining their tour package, they will make sure that you will never feel regretful because you will see some unforgettable attractions in Northern Vietnam.


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