Importance Of Site Inspection For An Event

A Site or venue is the desired location with the required audience capacity which is available for a specific time period where the event concept shall be carried out.


Site inspection should include the following:

  • Client and Production Requirements
  • Size of the event (including size of the audience)
  • Layout of the site and its suitability for the event
  • Compatibility with the event theme
  • Audience comfort
  • Performance area and field of play
  • Line of sight (visibility for the audience)

Selection of an event venue must take into account the needs of all the stakeholders. These include emergency services, catering staff, entertainers, participants and clients.

It is important that choosing the venue is in line with the purpose of the event and theme of the event. Doing so can lead to cost savings, since there is far less expense in transforming it into what the client wants.

Amenities and Special features

  • Transport and parking facilities
  • Nearness to accommodation and attractions
  • Storage areas Safety and security
  • Evacuation routes
  • Cover in case of poor weather
  • Access for emergency vehicles

A venue needs to be decided upon if it has the capacity and infrastructure available to host the event. Since the rates for the venue form a major portion in the costing for the event, the amenities at the site can have a decisive impact on the rates. For example, an indoor venue entails the necessity to check on the availability of air conditioning. Lighting and hygiene arrangements are necessities at every venue. Contingencies such as power failures need to be tackled and the need for generators should be properly assessed.

Service and quality of catering

  • Supply issues for goods and service providers like caterers
  • Areas delegated to food and beverage service
  • Storage areas for extra supplies

Food and beverages are an intrinsic part of the event experience which is why their delivery, storage, preparation and sale need special consideration. This includes mobile catering units, catering stalls and marquees, crew catering outlets, hospitality catering, bars and other food or beverage vendors. Suppliers of food, beverage and other services and products that are chosen for event must offer products that meet and even exceed the needs and expectations of event-goers. The site inspection must include a comprehensive consideration of these factors.

Appearance and accessibility of location

  • External factors such as location, transport and external access – Distance from airport/ railway/ bus stations; shuttle/ taxi services
  • Internal factors such as room size, accommodation, entrances and exits, internal access
  • Quality of the facility such as interiors, acoustics, ambience and cleanliness

The appearance i.e. the design and layout of a site can change the entire atmosphere of an event and therefore plays a key role in its success. Designing the site to fit the theme of the event is also an important factor.
All these factors are taken into consideration by the event entertainment agencies in London while planning for the event.

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