How To Use SoundCloud To Enhance Your Personal Brand?

Nobody doubts that nowadays online podcasts, like those of Soundcloud, are very fashionable, and much more if we think in terms of marketing strategy to boost a brand.

Now, is Souncloud the best tool for its disclosure?

As we will see, it offers everything necessary for this and more. Not only is it a showcase for uploading and sharing sounds of all kinds, it has also become a social network. Who, if not, has not ever received a link to or from Soundcloud?  Its 175 million current active users support the use of this tool. Although in its origins it was more directed to the world of music in general (and in fact it is its most well-known facet at present), today there are many users who are taking advantage of Soundcloud with another purpose: to record live podcasts, upload them to the cloud, make comments and share it on social networks. Most of them recommend to buy real soundcloud plays.

That’s why today I want to share with you a step-by-step tutorial on how to start your Soundcloud account so that, thanks to this platform, you can strengthen your personal or corporate brand and make it reach as many people as possible who may be interested in this type of content.

1) Create your account (or profile)

The previous step to start using Soundcloud is the same as you have to do in any social network: sign up as a user.

To do this, go to (Click Here) where you will see the following screenshot:

In the top right you will see two options: “Sign in” (enter an existing account) and “Create account” (create a profile). Choose the second option, and then you will see the following box:

As you can see, there are different possibilities to sign up: through Facebook, Google or with your personal-

professional email account. I recommend that you choose the option of email, and do not worry about connecting Facebook or Google with your Soundcloud account, since later you can do it, activating or deactivating the automatic publication system in different social networks.

Once you have entered your username, choose your password, enter your age, accept the terms and conditions and finally click “Continue”.

The next step will be to choose the name with which you will make yourself known, that is, the name that will be visible to all of your account or profile.

Once your name is written, choose your gender and click on “Get Started”.
Ready! Your account is already created and you can start using Soundcloud with your own username.

2) Access your profile

The first thing you will see when accessing your profile is a list of podcast genres, among which you can choose which one or which ones to listen to.

While half of the genres include almost all existing musical styles, among them you will also find some such as Science, World, Religion, Audiobooks, Stories, News, Business or Sports.

As indicated in the image that you will see below, each time you click on “Like” of a podcast that captures your attention, it will be saved in your own “like” list to return to it when you need it.

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