How To Select The Most Appropriate Skip Size For Your Needs?

The most appropriate skip for you would depend on the nature of your requirement, whether it is for residential or commercial or industrial purpose, whether or not you intend to carry bulk or hazardous material, and the quantity of waste you intend to dispose. Keeping these in mind, most skip hire companies offer you with a wide range of choices covering a vast possible sample space of requirements. Here are a few guidelines on how to hire a perfect skip to suit your specific needs.

Consider the waste material

It is important for you to know specifically what you intend to dispose of. Residential and household waste usually comprises of kitchen waste like vegetable peel, empty bottles and cans and bathroom waste like tissues and other things. These are safe to dispose of in garbage bags and usually, a small 3 yard skip is enough to cover the requirements of several households.

If you have bulk material such as soil or concrete to dispose of, then remember to estimate the amount of material you have to dispose of before hiring a skip. This is because the size of the skip would have to be such that all your waste fits into the skip at a level lower than the skip’s edges. It is not allowed to load skips beyond the top for security reasons

It is also not allowed to dispose of asbestos, freezers, batteries and tyres in regular skips, as these qualify as hazardous substances. If you intend to dispose of hazardous material, you are required to contact the skip hire company separately so they can make special arrangements for you or give you advice.

Know the council rules and regulations

Skip Company London are bulky and large vehicles for several residential areas and very often, the council would prevent you from parking large skips right on the public road. In such situations, you are required to store your skip on your own property. If you do not have land large enough to accommodate a skip, you may want to consider moving your waste to an area where there is enough space, or getting special permission from the council.

On a similar note, and to reduce your carbon footprint, it is advisable that people make plans with nearby residences to share skips for disposing household waste to reduce the need to order too many skips separately for each household. It is a great way of saving money, time and energy wasted by the community.

Know your payment methods

Most skip hire companies accept payments by cash, card, cheques, and most other online and offline payment methods. There are companies that would allow you to order skips right from their website which would allow you to make online payments. Other than this, people who order skips London frequently can also become account customers to the skip hire company which would make it easier for them to pay for their skips with minimal hassle.

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