How To Remove Morning Sickness During The Course Of Pregnancy?

Which is the most popular drug which is used in the treatment of morning sickness, but sadly it has not been approved by the Food and drug administration relating to morning sickness? What happens if I tell you that mothers who took this drug during the first semester of their pregnancy had a greater chance of their kids being born with a heart defect?

Well ,all this is true and Zofran and pregnancy have a close relationship. It is one of the most common drugs which is being prescribed for morning sickness and incidentally some studies do point to the chances of higher level of heart defects. In case if you have consumed the drug, then do not Google it, as you will come across law pages looking for clients. Do not panic, as let us take a deep breath and get into the facts along with the figures.

Why the drug Zofran?

In case of pregnant women, 80 % are victims of it in the first place. But in most cases than not it is not that severe to cause any form of concern. But in case of some women morning sickness can lead to weight loss along with dehydration, which can be dangerous during the course of pregnancy.

Zofran stands for the brand name of Ondansentron, which was a drug that was being developed to treat nausea or vomiting caused by surgery or cancer treatment. If it works that well it can be used to eradicate severe morning sickness during the course of pregnancy. Off label use is common in the case of most drugs. But morning sickness tends to occur in the early stages of your pregnancy, when birth defects are more likely to occur in the long run. So when there is a study which is bound to like Zofran to birth defects, the phone bells start to ring in the chamber of the doctor or for the matter a lawyer’s office.

What the figures indicate

According to zofran birth defects study, reveals that in Australia, 251 women went to take this drug to a large group of women who did not. They went on to find a 20 % defect in the babies when they were born

What is the next course of action?

If you have taken Zofran the chances are that your baby will be fine. But the mere fact is that you need to avoid this drug as far as possible as there are viable alternatives as far as morning sickness is concerned in the market.

  • Do not jump straight out of bed in the morning. Stay there for some time and eat some crackers
  • Increase the intake of fluids and eat small meals during the course of the day
  • Avoid fat or spicy foods. Go on to reduce foods which make you uneasy during the course of the day

So there is no need to go and panic if you consumed this drug at any point of time.

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