How To Fix The Problem Of Paper Getting Stuck In The Printer?

One of the common problems plaguing the users when they use the printer is paper jam. This may seem a small problem, but it can lead to serious complications in due course. Therefore, the need of the hour is to carefully resolve the issue. Some pointers on what do you do when your paper gets stuck in the printer are illustrated below:

Ensure that the paper sheets are fresh

It is important to make it a point that the paper sheets are fresh till you go on to use it. The best way to ensure that it is done is to pack it till use. So, the paper is restricting from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, which is one of the main reasons on why papers do get stuck. So, it is better that you keep the paper safe from moisture.

Switch off the printer

This drastically reduces the chances of reducing yourself as well as the printer. Wait for the printer to shut out and unplug the printer to be additionally safe.

The printer needs to be examined

If there is no problem with paper sheets, then it is the time to examine the printer. In this regard, you would need long tweezers along with a torch to see inside. Start by opening the flaps, and start looking out for any pieces of paper which could be one of the reasons on why the printer is not able to print. If you find it remove or clean it and the operate on the paper feed mechanism.

This can be a bit hard on you sometimes as sometimes the paper is so small in size that it is difficult to find. Hence you could seek the services of professionals to help you in this regard. To reach out to the narrow areas you can go on to reach the tweezers. It should be pulled in a slow manner and tugging in an alternative manner from the right or the left sides of the paper is recommended. Whenever possible it is suggested that you pull in the direction the paper would travel through the printer. If tearing cannot be avoided, you would need to grab the paper from both sides of the jam and then try to catch hold of all the torn pieces.

Try to dismantle the printer

If the printer is still not functioning you can set it apart and search for the missing paper. As there are various versions of a printer, you need to locate it in your user manual. You can get in touch with the printer manufacturer or search via the online method if you do not have a manual. Most of the printers have a basic method to remove the back panel or the input tray which are good places to start. Then go on to check out for the moveable access panels on the back and a plastic tab which is located deep inside the input tray.

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