An Overview of Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical process in which hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Hip replacement can be conducted as a semi or half replacement depending upon the condition of the patient. Such joint replacement surgery is conducted to relieve the patient from arthritis pain.

Replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head is all a total hip replacement consists of, but in hemiarthroplasty, only the femoral head is replaced.

Presently the price of hip replacement surgery is very high, yet it is worth it.

A look in joint failure and its cause

Joint failure is caused by osteoarthritis and a total knee replacement is conducted to cure this. After this surgery improvement is seen in overall function of the hip and the main objective of this surgery is to relieve pain. If there is damage to the cartilage surrounding the joint area, then that is the prime indication for a hip replacement surgery.

Other indications that follow the hip replacement surgery involves-

  • Severe chronic pain in the joint
  • No improvement is seen from medications
  • Severe pain in daily activities like climbing stairs or walking,

So, to improve such issues, one must select an appropriate hospital for this surgery. In India, in all metro cities, one will find a suitable hospital for hip replacement surgery.

Surgeons in India are very well qualified and experienced. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India varies hospital wise as well. Before surgery, the doctor examines the patient as well as conducts tests to know about the medical past history of the patient.

There are various types of hip replacement surgeries like partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, double hip replacement, revise hip replacement. An orthopaedic surgeon will guide you according to your condition and will suggest the proper treatment or surgery after examining the patient.

Benefits of hip replacement surgery are as follows

  • Treatment is effective as the patient gets relief from pain. Hip replacement surgery is meant to be very effective and it gives the patient a comfortable experience.
  • Hip pain is reduced to a great extent post-surgery. Hip pain will be completely eliminated.
  • Lost mobility will be restored as post hip replacement surgery the patient will observe several improvements like his legs will be stronger, this means better mobility, easier movement, and no fatigue.
  • Overall quality of life will be improved as there will be greater mobility and comfort, this will enable you to live a painless life and you will be able to perform work with enhanced strength.

Hip replacement surgery is highly recommended because of its positive results and high rate of patient content. Post hip replacement surgery the patient has to be very careful and he must take all safety measures and should regularly visit the surgeon.

The cost of hip replacement surgery varies depending on the type of surgery, hospital, doctors fee. All these are essential factors related to the cost of the surgery. The approximate cost of hip replacement surgery in India is around 7.2 lakhs.

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