An Indoor Fireplace Will Give You The Much Needed Warmth

As the weather turns a bit chilly and winter approaches with full force, many homeowners consider getting their own fireplace in order to get the much-required warmth of fire. The fireplaces that you install indoors are very different from the outdoor fireplaces both in terms of design and functionality, and you can use these indoor fireplaces to compliment the look and the overall feel of your home décor.


  • This is because of the fact that fireplace provide a glowing source of warmth in the chilly winters and knowing that you can sit beside your own fireplace with your toes curled up against the heat with a book in your hands gives you a sense of comfort that cannot be easily replaced.
  • There are many varieties of fireplaces nowadays. Since time immemorial we have known that a log fire is the only way to heat up the room and make it merry but nowadays wood is scarce and the hazards of burnt carbon are many.
  • So people have been opting for the comfort of an electric fireplace in place of a log fire. You can opt for an electric fireplace, a corner fireplace, a gel fuel fireplace or decorative fireplace according to your mood. The basic part which you must look to, when you use the fireplace is that, whether or not, it leads to any major form of pollution in the surrounding area, along with the interiors of your home.


Different kinds of fireplaces and the pros and cons of each:

  • The first kind of fireplace is of course the electric one. The electric fireplace as can be surmised from the name, runs on electricity and saves you the cost of wood or natural gas both of which are pretty costly. But electric fireplace can prove to be costly in the long run as electric costs are rising and switching on the fireplace throughout the day will definitely increase your bills. The main advantage of an electric fireplace is that it does not have any physically combustible material and the flame is not original as well. If you want, you can also opt for the customized varieties of indoor fireplaces, and you can get different manufacturers and suppliers for these fireplaces if you want something unique to be added to your home décor. The second type is the natural gas furnace. The natural gas furnace is connected to the gas pipeline of your home and they take propane from there to build up a real flame which you can turn on and off with a remote control. This is a very convenient mode of fireplace ignition as it produces a real flame. Anyone who has a fetish for a real fireplace with a blazing fire can simply install a gas fireplace in your home. The cost of maintaining this fireplace is low compare to the electric fireplace as natural gas might prove cheaper than electricity. But the installation costs are quite high so make sure you think about them before you go in for a gas fireplace.
  • If you want a real log fire then you have to try the wood burning stove. The wood burning stove acts as its name and burns logs of wood which are manually put into the fireplace. These fireplaces are closest to the original wood burners or wooden fireplaces. They have a high installation cost and their fumes might cause a headache.
  • The last type is the pellet burning stove. This pellet burning stove is actually similar to wooden fireplaces but the similarity ends at the looks. They actually burn small pellets of recycled saw dust or wood shavings instead of wood but it provides the same comfort of wooden fire.


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