A Divorce Law Firm Will Give You The Right Direction

Divorce is an emotional process not only for a couple but for the whole family or for those who are involved in it. Couples have to face a hard time while splitting the assets and the pain to break the marriage tears them apart. And if children are also part of it, it becomes difficult to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether the decision is mutual or the couples have reached this level because of one of them, the truth of the matter is the whole process of separation is not easy for them, neither legally nor emotionally. In fact, it can take more than required time if one person is not ready to cooperate. Therefore, the process of divorce can be stressful and lengthy if one party denies cooperating. Divorce is no less than a battle but it can be won with ease if a divorce law firm has your back. It will make the process of divorce hassle free.

New Way Lawyers is one such family law firm who aims to help people legally and emotionally. We are Australia’s first not for profit family law firm whose vision is to help people and not about making a profit. It is a family of experienced lawyers who voluntarily give their service because they want to help people who need them rather than making a profit. Each of our lawyers is highly qualified, skilled and experienced. You will never regret seeking their service. If you think that we will not provide qualitative service, since we will not make the profit then all we can say is, try us!

You can rely on our lawyers, they will understand your problem, your situation, make a case plan and then they will recommend to you the options available in those circumstances. The divorce lawyers Brisbane will work night and day to make sure that you get the desired results and everyone gets respect. You can discuss any of your matters, personal or professional, related to your case with your attorney without hesitation. You can get all your questions answered and queries resolved pertaining to the divorce process. You can check the profile of our lawyers on our website and choose whom you want to represent you. Each of them is skilled and fit to handle your case.

Our lawyers try to resolve the matter by going for out-of-the-court settlement in the majority of the cases. They choose this route as it saves a lot of time and money of the client. However, if there is any case where matter has already been taken to the court and representation has to be made then you have full support from our attorneys.

New Way Lawyers not only deals with the matters of separation, divorce or de facto relationship. You can contact us with respect to following matters as well: –

  • child custody
  • child protection
  • child support arrangements
  • parenting arrangements (relocation, residence and visitation)
  • breaches and contraventions of parenting arrangements
  • settlement of property
  • spousal support
  • breaches and contraventions of property and spousal support arrangements
  • adoption

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